Dog Grooming + Cat Grooming Services
  1. Dog and Cat Grooming
    "Dog Grooming" Prices very because every pet is different! We will give you a quote when we evaluate your pet! We believe in Humanity before Vanity and will only dematt if it is safe for your pet.
  2. Shedless Package $10-30.00
    Shedless Package $10-30.00 in addition to bath or grooming prices size and coat determines price Watch Video of Shedless treatment below
  3. Spa Package
    Spa Package, (includes teeth brushing, blueberry facial, and deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner) $20.00 in addition to bath or grooming prices.
  4. Walk-in Nail Trim and File
    Walk-in Nail Trim $12 or File $16
  5. Bath Extra
    Medicated Shampoo $10 + Shedless Treatment $10-30 Flea Bath $10 +
  6. Blueberry Facial
    Blueberry Facial $5
Video of
Shedless Treatment